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Sens-R-Trol Redox Controller and Accessories

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Sens-R-Trol is a combined sensor and electronic control which maintains the level of almost any sanitising chemical in your pool or spa.

Sens-R-Trol should be used with a pool chemical dispensing device such as a chlorinator or brominator.

Sens-R-Trol monitors the pool or spa whenever the pump is running to ensure that the sanitiser level is perfect. All you need to do is maintain a stable pH. Set the desired chlorine or bromine level and Sens-R-Trol will do the rest.

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Bromine Sens-R-Trol (incl pulsv), Chlorine Sens-R-Trol (requires 12v solenoid valve – PULSV25L, Sens-R-Trol Probe Assembly – No Fittings, 0.75" Solenoid Valve for Bromine 24VAC 12VDC, Sens-R-Trol UK Power Pack (Bromine), Burkert 0.25" 12v DC for Sens-R-Trol with Trichlor, Sens-R-Trol UK Power Pack (Chlorine)


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