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Relax Granular Floc – 2kg

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Cloudy water in your swimming pool is caused by tiny suspended particles floating around causing the murky appearance. This Relax Granular floc (aluminium Sulphate) will help clear your swimming pool of cloudy water.

This flocculent will increase the efficiency of your sand filter by tightening the sand filter bed.

Dosage rate will vary depending upon the severity of the cloudiness of the pool water.

For very cloudy water, dosage rate should be 800g per 10,000 gallons of pool water

For slightly cloudy water, a lower dose of 200g per 10,000 gallons can be used

Full directions for use are supplied on the tub of granular floc.

Flocculent to remove suspended particles in swimming pool water

Increases sand filter efficiency

Suitable for use with pool sand filters only


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