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Relax Clear Tabs – Tube of 8

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Relax Clear Tabs Clarify Pool Water.

A good quality clarifier in tablet form for fine polishing of swimming pool water and removal of fine debris. Relax Clear Tabs Aluminium Sulphate

(Always add chemicals to water and not water to chemicals)

Clear Tabs have been designed to create sparkling pool water, by removing suspended solids and other fine particles that a normal sand filter would find difficult to remove. Suitable for use with both in ground and above ground pools. Very popular tried and tested product, often referred to by our customers as Sparkle Tabs!

Dose rate: One Clear Tab Tablet per 40m3 (9,000 gals) of pool water or use Two Tablets per 40m3 (9,000 gals) of pool water if the water is very cloudy.

NOTE: Clear Tabs should not be used with cartridge or diatomaceous earth filters.

How to use Clear Tabs:

  1. Maintain pH of the pool water at around 7.2 to 7.6
  2. Backwash the filter thoroughly.
  3. Add Clear Tabs to the skimmer basket.
  4. Leave the system running continuously for at least 48 hours and only backwash during this period if the pressure across the filter rises to the level recommended for backwashing. If the backwashing is required during the 48 hour period then repeat the above operation.
  5. Add Clear Tabs after every backwash.


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