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Telescopic Pole

£48.00 inc. vat

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Every vac head, brush and leaf net comes with a wishbone clip to enable quick and easy connection to a telescopic vacuum handle. Vac handles are adjustable with a twist-lock action and the correct handle should be selected in order that it is long enough to allow the centre of the pool to be cleaned.

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Electronic Test Pen for pH (0-14), Electronic Test Pen for ORP/Redox, Electronic Test Pen for TDS & Temperature (0-10,000ppm) (0-500c), Electronic Test Pen for Salt (0-10,000ppm) & Temperature (0-500c), ORP/Redox 250mV Buffer Solution (55ml), TDS Calibration Solution (100ml) 1000ppm, Calibration Solution for Salt Test Pen (100ml)


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