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Chemical Day Tanks – Rectangular – White MDPE

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Chemical Holding Tanks - Rectangular Ideal for plant rooms with limited or restricted floor space available. Supplied in natural MDPE as standard. Larger sizes are available upon request. 25Lt Holding Tank 370mm h x 270mm x 350mm 50Lt Holding Tank 370mm h x 300mm x 500mm 75Lt Holding Tank 440mm h x 300mm x 600mm 125Lt Holding Tank 460mm h x 290mm x 1100mm 175Lt Holding Tank 620mm h x 290mm x 1100mm 250Lt Holding Tank 825mm h x 325mm x 1100mm

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25Ltr Holding tank – 370mm x 270mm x 350mm, 50Ltr Holding tank – 370mm x 300mm x 500mm, 75Ltr Holding tank – 440mm x 300mm x 600mm, 125Ltr Holding tank – 460mm x 290mm x 1100mm, 175Ltr Holding tank – 620mm x 290mm x 1100mm, 250Ltr Holding tank – 825mm x 325mm x 1100mm


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