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Chemical Bund Tanks – Cylindrical – White MPDE

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Chemical Bund Tanks - Cylindrical All chemical storage vessels within a plant room should be bunded for safety reasons. The below range is suitable for use with the cylindrical tanks listed above. To suit 25Lt Tank 470mm dia x 173mm h To suit 25Lt Tank 380mm dia x 343mm h To suit 60Lt Tank 470mm dia x 430mm h To suit 108Lt Tank 610mm dia x 445mm h To suit 230Lt Tank 830mm dia x 480mm h To suit 530Lt Tank 1005mm dia x 735mm h

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To Suit ETCHT25 – 470mm x 173mm h, To Suit ETCHT25 – 380mm x 343mm h, To Suit ETCHT50 – 470mm x 430mm h, To Suit ETCHT108 – 610mm x 480mm h, To Suit ETCHT230 – 680mm x 800mm h, To Suit ETCHT530 – 1005mm x 735mm h


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