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AquaSparkle Spa Fusion Shock Sachet 35g (pack of 6)

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Spa Fusion Shock is fast-reacting for Rapid Water Recovery. It destroys non-filterable watses and enhances water clarity. Regular use helps maintain clear water. Spa Fusion destroys soluble organic wastes and irritating chloramines in spa water, which can result in odours, reduced water clarity and unpleasant bathing conditions. One 35g sachet treats 330 Gallons (1500 litres) of water. Perfect for your pool or spa.


How long until my hot tub can be used after applying a sachet? Usually you should not use your hot tub for about 2 hours after shock dosing.

Will this sachet affect my chlorine/bromine level? No, however if you test your spa directly after dosing, an irregular result may be given.

Will these sachets work in my pool? Yes, however your sachet will need to be dissolved in a bucket before being dosed into the pool. It may be more cost effective for you to look at the Pool Fusion Sachet.

My Pool/Spa is Green/Cloudy, will this sachet clear the water? Yes, These sachets are designed for water recovery but if the water is extremely dirty, you may need to boost your sanitiser levels and/or a water change may be required.


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